M A A D A N  a Free Zone company duly established and registered in DMCC - Dubai United Arab Emirates, at the center of Global Trade, We trade in Precious Metals, Precious Gems Stones & custom jewellery designer. 


Our Brand line has rapidly expanded its foothold all over the globe since its inception. The brand has grown tremendously and the phenomenal success has been driven by an unstinting commitment to quality.


The story commenced with the transformation of the precious stones into spectacular magnum opus which are unique and splendid in its formation. And with each progressive stride we take, we bring premium jewelry closer and closer to you. We believe that our jewellery more than adorns the body, they reflect your inner beauty. 


M A A D A N  has set the gold standard when it comes to luxurious jewellery. With humble beginnings of selling gold in our Company has made and minted the name of:


M A A D A N  as the leading source of premium jewellery in the middle east. People have come to trust our company for our dedicated service and quality of products, leading us to open one store after another all throughout these years. 

Our Market interest is GCC, Middle East, Africa and Global Rising Markets. 


We are a full service company that specializes in Precision Custom jewelry design service through CAD CAM Modeling, prototyping, as well as finished Pieces, we will take your custom Design idea from Concept to reality.





M A A D A N   Brand Line embodies the highest level of superiority, with its exotic collection that captures the essence of vibrant, elegant and finest range of Jewellery. 

Our Wide collection has exquisitely crafted designs which are created to enhance the look and light up the occasion of every woman who adorns it. Its brilliant collection resembles the image of infinity, happiness, power and contemporary glamour which holds everyone captivated.

You will get to work directly with one of our expert Designers when contracting us for design work. Our Designers are experts in their field and will do everything they can to bring your design concept to life. During Every stage of the manufacturing process, from the original concept to completion, one of our Exceptional designers will be there to answer your Questions and make sure every detail is perfect. We can create everything from custom Rings and Pendants to things like gifts designed for corporate jewelry awards, fund raisers, and other special occasions. 





M A A D A N  using only the highest quality materials, our design experts create the very best accurate Parts and designs. With our professional grade software, We design wax models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra-fine Attention to detail and intricate features. 

Let our experts design your custom piece, We know that our quality services will live up to your expectations. 




M A A D A N  also aims at providing optimal personalized service and satisfaction to our customers with competitive pricing which gives value for money. An attributed, highly-skilled, dedicated creative team along with a team of professional Consultans strive to reassure the customer by facilitating in depth advice and knowledge which enriches the shopping experience.

In our custom designing, we offer our customers a quick turnaround, typically In 2 or 3 days, and even faster quotes to help you bring your product to market sooner. 
We ensure that you will hardly have to wait to see your custom design brought to life. Our comprehensive services allow us to complete your personalized Jewelry designs in a timely manner to will make your competitors green with envy. 
Striving to appeal to our various clientele with exquisite eye catching designs in our superbly ambient retail stores.





with a strong advisory and service nerworlc, aim strategy To become a significant procurer of Non-Manufactured Precious Metal such as Au Gold Dust Dore bars, Au Bullion Gold, Precious Gems, from different pan of the world.

It is an organization committed to the business of buying, selling. Importing and exporting Bullion Gold, rough diamonds, and all kind of precious Gems in the best interest of ill investors and doing so with integrity,

Professionalism and transparency, of all the precious metals, Gold is the most popular as an investment.

Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social, or currency-based crises.

Investors flock to gold as a safe haven and a way to increase wealth.


M A A D A N 's customized approach and inclusive portfolio has attracted the attention of fashionable socialites and is graced by the women belonging to almost every segment of the society, as every jewellery article is backed with a certificate of authenticity, providing our clients with clear.
Information of carats, color and clarity of stones and assures transparency.






M A A D A N   by   Z A G R A R I    its international designer,  brings to live ideas inspired through its exclusive collection melting with the glory of the past and the present...Comes the launching of the new collection displaying pieces with an unlimited creativity..

M A A D A N  will certainly satisfy those with a unique tastes with its Rings, Earring, Bracelets, Brooch, Pendants and its Sets that complements Any women breathtaking beauty.  


M A A D A N  passion, innovation and expertise have made it diversified and strives to expand its foothold globally by embellishing the world with its exclusively crafted 
jewellery, certified loose diamonds, colored gem stones and natural pearls luxurious collection, which are the premium choice for every beauty connoisseur.